Project name:Ghost Fishing

Approximately 640,000 tons of fishing nets end up in the seas each year.
They are called ghost nets because they appear almost invisible underwater, entangling and killing marine animals.
The only way to get them out is through the efforts of divers like the Ghost Fishing team who has been operating since 2013 all over Europe.
In June 2019, Ghost Fishing came to the German Baltic for the 1st time.

Ghost Fishing uses divers to locate and remove the fishing gear and retrieve the material to offer it for recycling. Ghost Fishing has many chapters around the world.

To find the lost gear, the divers need to survey the sites where ghost gear is suspected to be present. Sometimes the divers need to cover large distances underwater to scan a reef, and make sweeps on multiple depths to investigate if there is any recoverable gear present. The Seacraft DPV’s help the Ghost Fishing divers to cover these distances with ease. They’re very fast, stable and easy to operate with both hands. Extra gear can be easily attached to the DPV’s by strapping it to the handles mounted on the DPV, and mounting a camera is made very easy. The Ghost Fishing divers frequently need to tow heavy equipment underwater including bags with retrieved nets. The DPV’s make that a whole lot easier that done swimming.

During Operation German Baltic 2019 the Ghost Fishing team had Seacraft DPV’s at their disposal. They used the DPV’s to scan large areas around several shipwrecks located in the German part of the Baltic Sea. By doing so, the wide area surrounding the wrecks could also be inspected, instead of just the wrecks themselves. The displays are very easy to read in poor visibility conditions, and the long burn time allows for more than one dive per day without recharging in between the dives.

Light and powerful

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